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What do I look for when buying an oriental rug?

Know the size of the space you want to cover. Measure the overall room, not just the area you feel the rug is going to occupy. Also, know your budget and enjoy selecting based on color and pattern.

How long will an oriental rug last?

An oriental rug that is properly maintained should last for many generations to come.

What is the best rug for a high traffic area?

Hand woven rugs have enormous durability when maintained with regular cleaning. Darker colors are best for concealing dirt and a pile rug lasts longer in demanding circumstances than a flat weave rug such as a kilim or needlepoint. Even silk rugs wear very well, but when it is time to clean and repair silks the cost is generally higher than wool.

I have pets and children and am concerned an area rug will get ruined…what are my choices?

Wool is a very durable and resilient material. Its natural lanolin makes it easy to clean and extends its lifetime. We have children, dogs, cats, and many guests and the areas where we have hand-woven rugs look the best and are the easiest to maintain.

How do I care for an oriental rug?

Oriental rugs should be hand cleaned every two to four years. Our cleaning process includes soaps that are lanolin based so they “rejuvenate” the rug, restoring flexibility and softness to the wool. Rugs can also be spot cleaned as needed using a mild colorless soap or carpet cleaning solution. Rugs can be cleaned with a hand towel or even a soft scrub brush on such stubborn stains as wine and juice. Always a stain to soak up excess from both the front and back using a towel before cleaning Stains such as wine and animal urine should be cleaned as soon as possible and having the whole rug hand cleaned at this time may be a good idea.

What is the expense of care?

The cost of cleaning is based on the size of the rug and most area rugs can be cleaned for between $50 and $250. As mentioned above, this only needs to be done every few years.

Why choose an area rug vs. wall to wall (broadloom)?

Oriental rugs give space a unique personality. Hand-woven rugs are very individual and can turn an ordinary room into and extraordinary room.

In addition, they are easy to maintain, move from room to room and can go from one home to another. Also, the cleaning of an area rug is much more manageable than the cleaning of wall to wall.

What styles would I find from different countries?

Many countries weave a wide variety of styles so it is difficult to pinpoint any one country that “specializes” in a certain weave. Many quality contemporary rugs are woven in Nepal, fine silks from Iran, vegetable-dyed rugs from Pakistan, antique reproductions from Turkey and India, and brightly-hued geometrics from Morocco. Again, this list is simply an overview as they all produce many more wonderful, individual rugs.

What are the most popular designs and patterns?

The traditional designs of Tabriz, Sarouk, Heriz, and Mahal remain the original, truly Persian rugs in today’s market. What used to be considered “informal” rugs such as Kilims, Gabbehs, and Kazaks are also very popular. These rugs are often very colorful and while more casual they can be used to spice up traditional décor or give a very comfortable “lived in” feeling to a space. Contemporary styles varying from tone-on-tone simple designs to highly contrasting large scale designs are also back in vogue. Clients use oriental rugs in every area of decorating, from the ultra modern to marrying traditional and contemporary in the same space, creating very unique, personal spaces.

May I trade my existing rug?

We always try and help our clients to use old rugs in new spaces or take them in trade towards something new. This is evaluated on an individual case and we are happy to help in any way.

How would I compare a rug with a center medallion vs. an all over pattern or design?

This is a personal choice and there is rarely a “right or wrong” answer. Often people say they don’t want to hide a medallion design under a table. The truth is however, some pattern is going to be under that table so why not a medallion versus an overall pattern. In settings where furniture is not placed around the center of the rug, or the rug does not center on a room, it does make visual sense to have an overall pattern. Try both as once it is laid out you will know if it looks right.

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